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ARL Sound StageARL PanAvailable Now
ARL X-Over

Features :

For More information please visit us at soundstage.audioresearchlabs.com or call: 1-908-490-0700

ARL Sound Stage requires a Pro Tools HD system running ProTools 7.X

Price : $399.00

A conventional panning system simply provides level difference to each channel. In stereo, this method is effective providing hard left, hard right, and phantom imaging in-between. For surround mixing, a more complex processing method is needed for total emersion into a 360 sound field. The ARL Pan module adds dynamic processing including delay and equalization to deliver an enhanced, more realistic image.

Our concept is based on a virtual sound stage with a listener's perspective for mixing. You (the virtual listener) are initially at the center of the surround image. The sound sources may represent musicians on a stage or ambient sounds for the sweetening of a film/video sound mix. The location of your sources may be placed, and moved anywhere on the sound stage. Your listener is free to move about the sound sources and change its orientation (virtual head turning) as well.


The ARL X-Over is a bass management tool designed for multiple uses. In general, it is a high quality multi-slope low pass and high pass filter combination set at a common cut-off frequency. In cross-over mode, high frequencies pass and the bass frequencies are summed and sent out a plug-in aux send (a new feature for Pro Tools) or sent to the Lfe buss. Many home audio systems have a similar cross-over system with small satellite speakers a single subwoofer to handle the summed bass frequencies.