audio research labs

What We Do

Schuyler Quackenbush founded Audio Research Labs in 2002, where he is owner and principal consultant. Dr. Quackenbush brings many years of experience in research and technology development, including

For consulting jobs requiring more diverse expertice, ARL can bring in partners as needed (see People).

From 2006 to 2009 Dr. Quackenbush was a founder of the startup Lightspeed Audio Labs, where he was VP of Audio Technology. At Lightspeed he built a client/server system for real-time audio "jamming" (see JamNOW).

ARL Products

STEP STEP is a computer-controlled system for presentation and subjective evaluation of speech and audio signals that can run on any Windows PC. It was developed by a group of former Bell Laboratory acoustics and signal processing engineers. It is typically used in conjuction with an acoustically controlled listening environment, in which signals are presented via headphones or loudspeakers. The PC on which STEP is run must provide a video screen (e.g. LCD) for the listener to view the STEP control panel, a mouse for the listener to interact with the panel and an audio output card or device to interface to headphones or loudspeaker.
ARL Sound Stage ARL Sound Stage is a multi-channel plug-in for Digidesign ProTools. It gives mix engineers new ways to craft realistic surround images from non-surround sources such as mono, stereo, LCR, Quad and multi-mono 5.0 sources. Our multi-channel tools include a virtual sound stage and a bass management crossover plug-in.

ARL Services

Patents Expert Witness, Litigation Support, Valuation
ARL patent services are conducted by Dr. Schuyler Quackenbush, founder and President of Audio Research Labs. His technical expertice encompasses audio compresssion, signal processing, including audio and speech signal processing and audio and speech signal compression. In addition, he is an expert in MPEG, ETSI and 3GPP audio standards.
Standardization Strategies for Standardization
Dr. Schuyler Quackenbush has extensive experience working in standardization bodies (e.g. ISO/IEC SC29 WG11 (MPEG), 3GPP SA4, ETSI, ANSI and SCTE) and he can advise clients on how to develop strategies for bringing their technology or other needs to standards bodies. This can include in-person or telephone client training sessions for developing an overall strategy and plan for a standardization effort, and also review of documents and strategies for specific standardization meetings.
Subjective Quality Evaluation Subjective Listening Tests
ARL staff have more than 20 years of experience in conducting subjective listening tests for evaluating the performance of speech and audio coding or processing technologies. We can perform BS.1116, MUSHRA, Comparative, or MOS tests on mono, stereo or 5.1 channel content, and presentation can be via either headphones or loudspeakers.
Engineering Consulting Signal Processing Algorithms
Our staff has more than 40 years of experience in developing real-time signal processing algorithms. Our specialty is audio, but we have done other media processing projects. Drawing on years of research know-how developed at Bell Laboratories, staff of Audio Research Labs can assist in or initiate the development of new client technology.

Custom Programming
Our staff are experts in real-time embedded programming, particularly in network-based applications. We are proficient in Java, C++, C and assembler language programming in many development environments, including Unix and Window, and are proficient in a multi-processing environment (threads, signals and pipes).